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The Ryan Revolution: Dr. Grace Pinto’s Journey to Redefining Educational Excellence

Dr. Grace Pinto is the dynamic Managing Director of the renowned Ryan International Group of Institutions, overseeing a nationwide network of over 150 vibrant schools spread across 18 states in India. With a student body of nearly a quarter of a million, Dr. Pinto provides strategic direction and ensures the effective imparting of quality education.

In this interview, Dr. Pinto shares how Ryan International goes beyond imparting academic knowledge to nurture students. Through experiential learning, a diverse range of extracurricular activities, and opportunities for self-discovery, they foster holistic development. She believes true excellence lies in shaping confident, compassionate individuals ready to make a positive impact, not just in academic prowess but the world.

Join us as we explore her visionary leadership and commitment to transforming education and society through holistic, values-based learning.


  • Could you share the pivotal moments in your career that shaped your vision for the institution and the education sector?

Since 1976, the Ryan Group of Institutions has been driven by a singular vision – to spread quality education across India. Founded by the pioneering educationist Dr. A.F. Pinto, Ryan has become one of India’s largest private education networks.

Starting with just 36 students in 1976, the Ryan family has grown on a foundation of reinventing education. We have embraced technology while staying rooted in timeless values. Most of all, we have kept our focus on helping all students realize their limitless potential.

With a footprint across 18 states and over 40 schools, Ryan Group began its journey educating students through state board curricula and expanded to cities like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, and Aurangabad. Driven by a zealous commitment to excellence, we expanded to the UAE, empowering thousands of students through world-class international curricula. But we are more than just classrooms and lesson plans. Our motto says it all: “Excellence in Education and All Round Development.”

At Ryan, academic rigor is paired with co-curricular activities, real-world experiences, and opportunities for self-discovery. We nurture not just minds but spirits. Our diverse campuses and global outlook shape confident, compassionate citizens ready to lead in the 21st century.

Through God’s divine plan, we are blessed with devoted teachers and caring parents who trust us with their most valued gifts – their children and enable us to fulfill our mission. 


  • How have you modernized the educational system at Ryan International Group, ensuring its relevance in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world?

At Ryan Group, learning goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. For over four decades, our groundbreaking initiatives have ignited students’ limitless potential. We believe true excellence lies in all-round development. Our motto is not just words but a philosophy that guides everything we do. Here are some of our initiatives at Ryan International:

International Children’s Festival (ICF): Ryan Group pioneered India’s largest school theatre festival. ITF has united 12,000 students from 30+ countries for two decades to build cultural awareness and lifelong friendships through the arts.

Indian Model United Nations (INMUN): Since 2001, we have spearheaded INMUN, India’s longest-running student-led UN simulation. Here, 1000+ students embrace diplomacy and address real-world issues through debate, negotiation, and crisis response.

The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC): We introduced this prestigious global event to India, raising the bar in collaborative learning. In 2013, Mumbai hosted the largest-ever WSC regional round, engaging 1400+ students in literature, science, art, and more.

International Cultural Exchange (ICE): For over 40 years, we have fostered global citizenship through exchanges with 60+ countries. Students gain perspective through immersive workshops, including at the renowned NASA.

Ryan TV: As India’s only school with an in-house studio, Ryan Group pioneered media education. Ryan TV empowers student filmmakers and journalists through hands-on programs and an annual ad film festival.

Sports: Ryan Sports Club provides world-class training and a platform to nurture talent. Our students have excelled at District, State, National, and International levels, including Arjuna Awardee Chirag Shetty, International Tennis player Karman Thandi, National Level Badminton player Simran Singhi, Mountaineer Arjun Vajpai, Professional Alpine Ski Racer Jiah Aryan, Professional Footballers Rahul Beke and Nikhil Prabhu, and Table Tennis Player Arnav Karnavar. Fostering a sports culture in schools develops physically and emotionally fit youth, paving the way for future champions.

Social Responsibility: This initiative drives supporting the elderly, health, and the environment to build an ethos of service. Students gain hands-on experience creating positive societal change.


  • What sets Ryan International apart from other schools, distinguishing its unique characteristics in the world of education?

At Ryan Group, we focus on transdisciplinary, experiential learning to develop tomorrow’s critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers. Students collaborate on projects that integrate multiple subjects, allowing them to apply knowledge innovatively.

This approach fosters the 21st-century skills students need to thrive: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, entrepreneurship, and leadership. By learning through doing, they gain practical experience bringing ideas to life. Our experiential approach enables smooth transitions into higher education and careers where students can pursue their talents and interests. 


  • With an extensive network, how does Ryan International Group provide students with global exposure and foster collaborations?

We believe education should expand horizons and foster global citizenship. For decades, our pioneering programs have enabled students to collaborate and exchange ideas across cultures. Our flagship International Theatre Festival brings together passionate young artists from over 30 nations like the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and more. Over 20,000 students have built bonds through theatre.

Through immersive cultural exchanges with 60+ partners worldwide, over 60,000 Ryan students have experienced the uniting power of art, music, and ideas. Annual workshops at NASA ignite scientific curiosity.

Strategic partnerships have also secured scholarships for several students at top universities in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and more. Our collaboration with PennHub has also facilitated learning for hundreds of students in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


  • Could you share some notable achievements or endeavors of Ryan International Group alumni that reflect the school’s impact on shaping future leaders?

For over 40 years, the Ryan Group of Institutions has been driven by a vision to provide holistic education that empowers students to achieve their full potential. Our alumni have made meaningful contributions across diverse fields such as IT, banking, medicine, sports, media, engineering, and more. At the 2023 Asian Games, Chirag Shetty secured the gold medal in badminton doubles. Parneet Kaur topped the podium in archery, while Aishwarya Mishra captured silver in the relay event. On the tennis court, Karman Thandi competes internationally. Simran Singhi takes her badminton skills worldwide. Aarya Desai and Aaradhya Yadav captained their U19 state cricket teams. Football stars Rahul Bheke, Nikhil Pujari, and Nikhil Prabhu represent India on the national squad.

Beyond sports as well, our alumni have made a significant impact. Piyush Jain leads Impact Guru as CEO. Jatin Sapru reports on sports for TV. Roopam Sharma develops groundbreaking technology to aid the visually impaired.

While proud of our legacy, we remain focused on empowering students to keep reaching higher. 


  • Beyond education, you are deeply involved in social projects, particularly women’s empowerment and supporting the underprivileged. Could you shed light on some of the initiatives you are most passionate about?

At the core of Ryan Group’s vision is a commitment to nurturing socially responsible, values-driven global citizens. Our holistic approach emphasizes activities that advance societal welfare, instilling in students a service mindset. Cleanliness drives, rehabilitation efforts, health awareness campaigns, and elderly care initiatives fill our school calendar. As an environmentalist, our founder spearheads tree planting and cleanliness efforts across all Ryan schools. We proudly partner with HelpAge India in serving vulnerable senior citizens.

Mother Teresa is my role model, whose life reflects our Lord Jesus Christ and motivates us to empower women through quality education. This mission is embodied at Anubhav School, providing opportunities to underserved communities, including slum dwellers and widows’ children.

By cultivating strong values and social responsibility from a young age, we aim to groom global citizens who will contribute to building a just, compassionate, and sustainable world. Our holistic approach prepares students not just for personal success but also for serving the greater good.


  • Your contributions have significantly impacted education and social welfare. How do you envision continuing your legacy, ensuring the principles and values you have instilled endure for future generations?

We see education as more than a profession – it is a calling. Our role is not simply to instruct but to influence and transform lives. We work hand-in-hand with teachers, staff, parents, and stakeholders to shape the future through holistic, values-based learning.

As Henry Adams says, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” For decades, Ryan’s impacted generations by empowering students to reach their full potential. We nurture nation-builders with talents and skills to shape the future, not merely unfold it.

Our focus remains on delivering quality education that develops the whole child. And our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by recent accolades: 

  • Education Excellence Awards 2024 in Dubai
  • Most Respected Education Brand Award 2023 by Mid-day Newspaper
  • Most Influential School for Holistic Development 2023 by AsiaOne Magazine
  • Navabharat CSR Awards for advancing education and child upliftment
  • Best Education Brand 2023 by The Economic Times
  • Ranked among the top schools nationally by Times Education Survey and Mid-day Survey 2023


Yet awards are not our aim. Our greatest honor is helping create a generation of compassionate, empowered changemakers and lifelong learners.