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Empowering Communities Through Property Management

Carlos Alberto Ieno is a highly accomplished professional in the field of property management and real estate brokerage. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, he has built a reputation for excellence in his field and has a proven track record of success. He is committed to making a positive impact in his community and is actively involved in several professional organizations. He also writes columns on Community Association Management for a Colombian magazine.


Ieno’s journey in the property management and real estate brokerage industry began in 2001 when he joined a building security staff while studying Social Communication. Recounting his ascent into the industry, he says, “As I progressed in this role, I was appointed as a supervisor of several building complexes, which exposed me to different areas such as security and cleaning.” He continued, “This sparked my interest in property management and administration, leading me to pursue it full-time.”


In 2002, he partnered with Mario Prataviera to establish Estudio Prataviera y Asociados, a company that has grown to become one of the most respected property management and real estate brokerage firms in Córdoba, Argentina. Estudio Prataviera y Asociados has a portfolio of clients that exceeds six thousand units, distributed in more than 120 buildings in the city of Córdoba and other neighboring towns.


Ieno’s background in Social Communication has been a valuable asset in succeeding in his role as a property manager and real estate broker. He says, “My training in this field has enabled me to communicate effectively with my clients and tenants, which is crucial in a field that often involves dealing with conflicts and difficult situations.” 


He has a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory aspects of property management and real estate brokerage. Ieno is also a trained technician in Social Communication, a Public and Real Estate Broker, and is trained in Horizontal Property Management (APH). As a thought leader in the industry, Ieno frequently attends local, national, and international congresses and dissertations in various countries worldwide, such as Chile, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, and recently Colombia. Due to his vast experience, Ieno was recently approached and signed an agreement with the SENA (National Learning Service) of Colombia to be a consultant for students related to Community Association Management.


In addition to his work with Estudio Prataviera y Asociados, Ieno is also actively involved in aiding several professional organizations. He is a member of the Chamber of Horizontal Property of the Province of Córdoba, the Ethics Department of the same organization, the Cecin (Center of Real Estate Brokers of Córdoba), the FIRA (Real Estate Federation of the Argentine Republic), the Chamber of Horizontal Property of the Argentine Republic and the Aierh (Real Estate Association of Rental and Horizontal Buildings). He also shares his valuable insights in his columns on Community Association Management for the Colombian magazine Prhopio PH.


Ieno’s dedication to his work and his community is evident in his efforts to improve the property management industry in Córdoba. In 2009, he proposed an ordinance that was later approved by the municipality of Córdoba, which requires the cleaning of tanks and cisterns in buildings, clinics, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other areas where large numbers of people congregate, a move that significantly improved the public health of the region. While in 2015, Ieno also worked to incorporate the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation that regulates the administration of consortiums both in the province of Córdoba, and in the Argentine Republic, since until that moment and after almost 67 years there was only the Horizontal Property Law 13512. He adds, “Property management is not only about maintaining buildings and managing tenants; it’s about understanding the unique needs and challenges of the region and utilizing my expertise to create solutions that benefit both property owners and the community as a whole.” 


In conclusion, Carlos Alberto Ieno says, “The property management and real estate brokerage industry is ever-evolving, and I am passionate about staying ahead of the curve and finding innovative solutions for my clients. My 17 years of experience have taught me the importance of dedication and leadership in this field. I am committed to making a positive impact in my community through my expertise and hard work.”