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Exclusive Interview with Mr Jatin Deepchandani, CEO of Plan3Media and Host of IRECMS


The International Real Estate Community Management Summit (IRECMS) is a platform that is dedicated to lifting the benchmark of Community Management and ancillary professions around the world! Launched in 2019, the first two editions of IRECMS were organised in India. After a third Global Virtual Edition, IRECMS Dubai will be the fourth and by far, the biggest edition of this visionary event!


Talking about the inception of the event, Jatin says, “Even though people residing in cities have largely started staying in complexes and gated communities, the concept of professional Community Management is only popular in the USA, South America and the Middle East, to name a few. There are many countries where a structured approach to community management is still largely unheard of! I wanted to create a platform that pools in existing leaders in Community Management with visionaries from various parts of the world to engage in an enriching exchange of ideas that propels the practice of Community Management.”


Launched in India, IRECMS became a roaring success with the first two editions organised in the megacities of Mumbai and Bengaluru. Attended by the real-estate thought leaders of India, IRECMS was lauded for being a path-breaking conference for having introduced the concept of formal Community Management in the country. IRECMS launched the first CAI-approved M100 course in India which was attended by 10 professionals from Knight Frank India, Cushman & Wakefield and more becoming the first 10 professionals to be certified by CAI in the country!


When the pandemic hit the world, the Global Edition of IRECMS was organised virtually that toplines 25 leaders from 16 different countries and 6 time zones! The goodwill garnered through that event encouraged a bigger vision for IRECMS in Dubai!


With the goal to make it the BIGGEST IRECMS edition ever, Plan3Media has pulled out all the spots! For the first time ever, IRECMS will be a 3-day event that will feature Masterclasses on Day 1, In-person Conference on Day 2 and an Awards Evening on Day 3! IRECMS Dubai has become the only event in the region that has garnered the support of seven international industry associations from the USA, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Japan and the Middle East. To ensure the most luxurious experience at this conference, the organisers have booked the tallest 5-star hotel in the world- the very famous JW Marriott Marquis Hotel as its venue!


From the carefully curated speaker-line from the USA, Spain, Panama, India and the UAE to the quality of companies competing at IRECMS Dubai, everything about the event spells top-notch premium!


Jatin adds, “There is no platform similar to ours at this point. In every way, including the awards, we have made a conscious effort to distinguish ourselves. For instance, our awards assessment process is fully transparent. We even had third party auditors sit in the finals to ensure there is integrity and authenticity! As organisers, we DO NOT interfere with the decision of the Jury.”


IRECMS Awards is an endeavour to celebrate the companies that are lifting the benchmark of results, approaches, processes in the region! Jatin adds, “By maintaining such stringent standards of integrity, we want to ensure that winning an IRECMS Trophy means something to the winner. It means having won on merit; fair and square. We want winning at IRECMS Awards to become aspirational; by simply pooling in the most coveted Jury and letting them do their jobs without interfering. We will always choose people over profit, in this context.”


Talking about the future of this pioneering event, Jatin says, “We would like to take IRECMS to multiple countries starting with IRECMS Singapore in 2022. Dubai will be a regular feature every year in December. In 2023, we intend to have our first event in Europe. The idea is to make this platform the go-to place that community managers can rely on for any information they need from the industry, around the globe.”


He continues, “However, we do realize that the future will be different as sitting down conferences might not be the way of organizing conferences then. But we will adapt, change and bring in new technology to enhance the platform and add to the experience. We do not want to be a one-day event in a year; to combat this, we are working on a few things around it like training, masterclasses and certifications to make sure that people are engaging with IRECMS as a brand. We truly hope to empower every participant attending the event”


Open Message From Mr Jatin Deepchandani

We are listeners.

Our goal is to ensure that every attendee, every speaker, every nominee, every Jury member engages with IRECMS as a brand in a more immersive and value-adding way. To create an experience and an event that evolves as our stakeholder needs evolve, we need YOUR suggestions. We need your input, ideas, expectations, and to be honest, you most candid criticism. We will listen to it all.


This platform is as much yours as it is ours. We hope that with your continuous support, we can keep growing in the right direction and keep bringing a rejuvenated event to you each year. We hope you will hop on with us in this mega-exciting journey!