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The Leading Event For Condominium Managers In Mexico

ExpoCondominio MX 2022 is the only event in Mexico for Managers of Condominium Associations and the commercial exhibition of service providers with a National and International presence. In its second edition, ExpoCondominio MX 2022, held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, with over 350 participants. The event was a huge success that boasted of experts in the industry sharing their insights and paving the path for a more profitable future. They also hosted an exciting Masterclass on June 18th with various industry experts.


The conference was led by International and National Speakers, including Mike Packard, USA, Prof Jeevan D’Mello from UAE and Prof Pepe Gutiérrez from Spain, who shared their valuable insights in condominium management and what the future holds for the industry.


Mike Packard, Senior Vice President of ASSOCIA, one of the esteemed Speakers, says, “I was honored to have been a part of this exceptional two-day event. I was very impressed with the quality of the presentations.” Yet another distinguished speaker, Pepe Guiterrez, CEO of Megafincas, added, “I was very pleased to bring to the audience the latest information on PropTech and CondoTech as being updated on the technology for our industry is vital. I was pleased to hear great feedback from the audience.”


The event brought together all the professionals from Mexico dedicated to the Management of Condominiums. In doing so, they delved deeper into the field, ideating and exchanging insights and discussing the innovation of new technologies in this sector.


Hugo Ketzel Cuéllar Serna, Director of HK Condominios, praised the pioneering event, saying, “The event has been a good platform to share best practices and learn from one another to raise the standards of the Mexican built environment.”


ExpoCondominio MX 2022 was also a unique opportunity to promote their vocation to the industry’s youngest managers, offer a framework for companies in the industry and display innovative products to Condominium Owners, companies, and the general public. It also provided an excellent opportunity to network with some of the greatest minds in the industry from across the world.


Luis Eduardo Garcia, CEO of WESN from Bogota, Colombia, says, “It was wonderful meeting professionals from the Spanish-speaking world and the USA and UAE. I learnt a lot and was pleased to present my thoughts and experience on stage to a great audience.”


Talking about the value the event provided for all participants, Organizer Mara Cavazos added, “The event has been a huge success, and it opened doors for us to promote our vocation to young professionals who are growing in this sector. It has been a wonderful two days of learning and networking, and I look forward to bringing everyone together again at the next edition of ExpoCondominio MX.”