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Exclusive Interview With Mr Jatin Deepchandani



About CHSA

Launched in 2018, CHSA is an annual, cross-sector event that brings together CX experts, business leaders and happiness evangelists under one roof to discuss and debate all aspects of delivering Customer Happiness. In the last two years, CHSA has attracted thought-leading speakers from customer-centric organizations like Microsoft, KPMG, Careem, Oracle, Accenture Strategy, Nissan Motor Corp, RAKBANK, Majid Al Futtaim, Landmark Group and more.


Exclusive Interview With Mr Jatin Deepchandani – Founder & CEO of Plan3Media (the group that hosts the prestigious Customer Happiness Awards)


Customer Happiness Awards was born around the time when Dubai sought to improve its happiness index in all aspects, starting from businesses to employers to being a happy nation as a whole. Emphasizing this need to promote happiness in all sectors, Jatin says, “I had the idea to start an event that focused explicitly on Customer Happiness.”


“While there are events dedicated to Customers taking place in the UAE, they focus on one particular aspect, for instance, either on Customer Experience, Customer Engagement or Customer Service. While what I intended to do was to get all these verticals together under one roof,” he added.


In the past two editions, the event has created waves in the Customer Happiness Industry, with a series of power-packed sessions in the conference where top professionals exchange best customer happiness practices from their respective companies. Jatin says, “During the event, we also have a Roundtable Discussion with the top executives from the UAE and from the world in the Customer Happiness Segment. Here, we discuss the unique approaches taken by their respective companies to advance the goal of customer happiness while keeping in mind the various verticals of the broad spectrum topic.”


This Roundtable Discussion is on an invitation-only basis, thereby providing tremendous value to the professionals that take part in the discussions offering unique insights into customer happiness that can significantly add to the value of their organization. He continued, “We intend to create a white paper from these discussions in the future that could serve as a guide within the customer happiness industry.”


Diving deeper into the impact the event has had over the years, he says, “We have organized an event that is truly authentic while approaching the topic of Customer Happiness.” He continued, “This is evident in various factors including the rising number of participation we have every year, most of our Jury Members have been with us since the advent of the event and lastly, every stakeholder, whether it is a Jury Member, Sponsor or Participant knows that you win solely on merit, not because you’re a big brand or the scale or size of your business. Ultimately it all comes down to if you or your brand have a great story to tell, we want to listen and we want to celebrate it.”


Talking about the third edition of the prestigious event, Jatin says, “This year due to the pandemic, we have added various award segments that will highlight companies that have thrived during adversity. For instance, we have CH in Times of Crisis, which will be awarded to an organization that has shown agility in adapting to more contemporary, innovative ways to continue serving its customer needs, especially in the constrained times of pandemic crisis. This award recognizes the organization that has demonstrated resilience and managed survival in tough times while showing empathy to the customers’ unique needs.”  It is an initiative to celebrate companies in the UAE who have shown exemplary commitment to Customer Happiness, especially in one of the most turbulent times witnessed by the world.


His future plans for the event entail an entire week of Customer Happiness that would highlight one vertical of Customer Happiness each day. Jatin says, “By doing this, we can dive deep into the segments and find innovative methods to improve each of these verticals, thereby tremendously increasing customer happiness at large.” He added, “Going ahead, we would also like to introduce our white paper on the event with the innovative methods discussed at the Customer Happiness Awards to benefit those who did not have the opportunity to take part in the event.”


Open Message From Jatin Deepchandani

“I would like to extend an open invitation to all the readers of Global Leaders Today that if you are passionate about Customer Happiness, please get in touch with us. We are trying to create a powerful brand within this great industry and we are happy to collaborate with passionate individuals as speakers, jury members, advisors and much more.”